Thursday, February 3, 2011


Trust that our summer finally hits when school and dance goes back!!! As dance goes back on MONDAY, 7th Feb, I wish to remimd EVERYONE to be prepared for dance... some top tips for ensuring your child is ready for dance:

- Clothing: ensure you dress appropriately for the heat. eg: shorts or 3/4 tights with a singlet top. (I would advise against long tracksuit pants and long sleeved tops!)
- Hair: Girls, please ensure to have your hair tied up and off your neck.
- WATER, WATER, WATER: THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!! PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD HAS A WATER BOTTLE WITH THEM!! Ensure they have enough to last the entire class and for as many classes as they will be doing!!
- A small towel: for our older students, it may be a good idea that you bring a towel

With these top tips you will be ready and racing to go this week! Can't wait to see you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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