Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hair and Make up TUESDAY CLASSES

HAIR & MAKE UP DETAILS - TUESDAY CLASSES MAKEUP 5 YEARS AND UNDER- Parents use your discretion. Lipstick and blusher will be sufficient but ensure it is bright as the lights are very strong and can wash out those gorgeous little faces and we really want to see those beautiful smiles. BOYS- Hair in own funky style. Make up at own discretion and depending on child’s fairness. Blusher or bronzer usually sufficient. 12 YEARS AND UNDER- Foundation, powder, blusher, white/cream eye shadow as base for eye, eye socket shaded with mauve eye shadow, black eye liner (white pencil as highlighter) black mascara, hot pink lipstick. 10- 12yrs- optional false eyelashes. 13 YEARS AND OVER- Makeup as above with false eyelashes, smoky colour eyeshadow and crimson lipstick Students please ensure you wear white, nude colour or plain underwear under costuming. HAIR & OTHER REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH GROUP AS FOLLOWS; Please note that all hairstyles will need to be slicked back from face. The best technique is to use a fine tooth comb on damp hair and gel and hairspray to smooth hair and fringes off face. Please ensure you use hair bands in matching hair shade or clear elastic bands. Students with hair accessories please ensure that these are pinned firmly. Hats, hair ties and hairpieces need to be pinned thoroughly. TUESDAY 4PM PRIMARY BALLET “ICE PRINCESS” Hair half up and half down curled. Pink Ballet stockings and Ballet Shoes. TUESDAY 4PM TAP “THRILLER” Hair in own individual style and tap shoes. Girls please wear black ¾ stockings or leggings under costume TUESDAY GRADE 2 BALLET ”PURE IMAGINATION” Hair in a high pony tail and plaited. Pink Ballet stockings and ballet shoes TUESDAY INTER TAP ”DOLLS” Hair in own individual style. Matte Skin coloured stockings and tap shoes TUESDAY INTER BALLET Hair in a high ponytail and plaited. Ballet stockings and ballet shoes TUESDAY SENIOR BALLET “CHINESE” Hair in a low classical bun. Ballet stocking and ballet shoes TUESDAY POINTE CLASS “MUSIC BOX DANCER” Hair in a low classical bun, Ballet stocking and pointe shoes We need a full dress rehearsal on Saturday the 30th November as this is when our final lighting scheme will be decided upon. I understand that for a great deal of our families that there will be a rush from other activities and work and so we are very appreciative of your efforts. ( Concerts are meant to be fun so please don’t stress. We only ask that you do your best.)

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