Sunday, November 18, 2012


Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th December Dress rehearsals prepare students in confidence, entry, exits, stage dimensions and other important features of Performance. They are an important and exciting lead up to our Concert. Please note that we required 2 rehearsal dates this year to ensure all students had plenty of time on stage to feel prepared for the big day! Dress Rehearsals are held at the Civic Theatre (cnr of Lords Place and Byng Streets) Please enter and exit the building using the back stage door via the car park to the rear of the building on Lords Place. Parents of students 6 years and under may accompany children and wait in the Green room, but it is theatre regulations that no one other than performers may enter the building. We will have a staff member at the back stage door to mark off names and direct students. Please note: All rehearsals in the lead up to Concert are CLOSED to observers and this is a condition stipulated by Theatre Management. Entry for performers for both Dress Rehearsal and Concert is strictly via Back stage door. A separate note explaining Concert Day Organisation will be given to students at Dress Rehearsals. Our Dress Rehearsals are complete stage, audio and technical rehearsals. HAIR, MAKE UP & COSTUMING IS REQUIRED for lighting and staging purposes as well as photography. Thank you for your co-operation. We really appreciate your efforts in ensuring your children; our star performers look their absolute best for the rehearsals and show. Wednesday the 5th December- Civic Theatre • 4pm-5pm Inter Hip Hop (Monday 4:45pm class) Inter Cont (Monday 5:30pm class) Inter Tap (Wednesday 4pm class) • 5pm-6pm Pre- Senior HH (Monday 6:15pm class) Senior B HH (Monday 7:15pm class) Inter Ballet (Tuesday 5:45pm class) • 6pm- 7pm Inter and Senior Performance, Senior Ballet Saturday 8th December- Civic Theatre Saturday classes will run as normal in the morning at our studio and then off to the Theatre in the afternoon. We tried to make this easier on the younger students and parents having to co- ordinate rehearsals with work, school and day care etc. Hence the decision to make the following rehearsals on Saturday: • 1pm-2pm Future Stars (Saturday 9:30pm class), Junior HH (Saturday 10:15pm class) Junior Ballet (Tuesday 4pm class) • 2pm- 3pm Junior Ballet (Saturday 11am class) Junior HH (Monday 4pm class) Senior Tap • 3pm- 4pm Senior Contemporary, Senior HH

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