Thursday, October 7, 2010


As we preapre for a big term of dance it is really important that students come prepared for dance. As we approach the summer months we are faced with potential health issues as we dance in the heat. Young children cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults can. Students may be faced with potential health risks such as headaches and fainting if they are not hydrated. To ensure all students are prepared for classes we suggest the following guidelines;

1. Wear correct dance attire appropriate for the weather(FOR SUMMER: Shorts or tights and t-shirt for jazz, hip hop, tap, stretch and contemporary. Leotard, stockings and a ballet skirt or shorts for ballet).

2. Bring a Water bottle!!!! You must keep hydrated in the summer months. Especially if you are coming to dance straight after school.

3. Make sure you eat a light snack such as a banana or muesli bar before coming to class.

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